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*PLEASE NOTE* J.D. Gordon is not the author of Caribbean Calling.

  That novel was written by a different author of the same name. 

Published Works


Surviving the Bomb

genre(s): thriller, drama, comedy


While driving in the countryside, James narrowly avoids being caught in the explosion of an off-target nuclear missile. He tries to take refuge from the coming radioactive fallout in the nearest house, but finds the family inside unwilling to give him shelter or even believe his story. Can James defuse this violent confrontation and convince the family of the peril of their situation? The answer to both ... is no.

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Winner: 2nd Prize in 2018 Bards and Sages Writing Competition

Previously published in Best Indie Speculative Fiction, Volume II, as "That One Time I Broke into a House, Killed the Homeowner, and Took His Family Hostage".

Published Works

Other Published Works


Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions

genre(s): comedy

You may be saying right now, "Surely J.D. isn't claiming he wrote this best-selling Stephen Colbert book?" No, but J.D. is in fact a contributor to the book. Check the very last page for his contribution, taken from this tweet he sent to The Late Show. Why bother with 100,000+ words when all it takes to get published is 140 characters? Royalties, please!


(currently seeking representation)

How to Be a Superhero
How to Be a Superhero

genre(s): superhero, satire, coming-of-age


Alex Alsta is Metaman, a professional superhero whose modest personal mission is to save the world and every last person in it. Defeating the supervillains and other criminals who plague Centropolis is a trifle to him—they're mere stepping stones on the path toward the Golden Age of Peace he aims to create. But somehow, that finish line never gets any closer, and it's about time for Alex to realize it…


On the other hand, Scott Dickson is the furthest thing from super—he got kicked out of Centropolis University, works a dead end job, and can't get over his ex. Oh, and he sprained his ankle. He grudgingly accepts his place in the world until a near-death experience spurs him to re-invent himself as someone who has the guts to do all the things he could never bring himself to do before…

A Day in the Life of the Man Who Murdered 100 Billion People

genre(s): sci-fi, drama, psychological

A somber look at the daily life of the man who created the greatest Holocaust in human history.

Winner: 2nd Prize in 2016 Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writers Contest

Publication-ready Short Stories


Short Stories
Slime Warrior: Tyraxus Plague

genre(s): fantasy, parody, psychological

A comedic romp through a bizarro town inhabited by a community of the demented and deranged. The conventional laws of nature need not apply.

Strategy guide available!


The Many Benefits of Progress

genre(s): comedy

A quick look at a world where everyone has complete control over mass, inertia, and gravity. What could possibly go wrong?

Do Unto You

genre(s): drama, historical

A tragic Civil War tale about the consequences of allowing one's ideals to take precedence over pragmatism in a life or death situation.


genre(s): sci-fi, literary fiction, romance

A warped love story that examines the problems that arise when scientific progress outpaces society's ability to moralize these new advances.


Planned Novels


How to Be a [REDACTED]
(sequel to How to Be a Superhero)

genre(s): superhero, drama, thriller

SPOILER ALERT (highlight to read): This tale will follow the continuing misadventures of Alex and Scott as each man is presented with challenges that he may (not) be able to overcome.

Mars & Venus

genre(s): literary fiction

This story will investigate the differences between the lives that men and women lead, as well as the privileges (and burdens) that society grants to each.


Planned Novels
Cycle of Violence (working title)

genre(s): thriller

This tale will follow the life of a law-abiding citizen victimized by the evil deeds of others, who becomes driven to commit evil acts of his own.

Me, Myself, and I

genre(s): literary fiction

The most important story J.D. has to tell, this story will investigate the root causes of interpersonal conflict through the lives of three young men.

A Dog's Life

genre(s): gamebook

This choose-your-own-adventure tale for adults will explore the very different paths that the life of a certain extraordinary dog might take.

The Chosen One


This tale will follow the life of an unlikely (and unwilling) politician who believes he has been called on by God to save the world from nuclear war.

Heaven on Earth

genre(s): literary fiction

The final story J.D. will ever write, this story about the hereafter will investigate the impact of earthly needs and desires on relationships and society as a whole.

Planned Short Stories


Three-Strike Rule (working title)

genre(s): literary fiction, religion

This story will address the problems that the traditional Christian notion of repentance as the key to eternal salvation can pose for those who die before their time.


A Pretty Cool Guy

genre(s): literary fiction

This story will explore the twisted inner workings of one man's mind during an ordinary, everyday conversation.


Planned Short Stories
Apologies in Advance if I Annihilate Your Existence

genre(s): metafiction

J.D has been contacted by a man who has informed him that the entire world is just a grand simulation run by him and his colleagues hundreds of years from now. His story is compelling, and J.D. is convinced. Hear his story and you too will believe!

All the World for You (novella)

genre(s): sci-fi, drama

This tale of a brilliant inventor and her young son will explore time-travel in a serious way and address the often-ignored ramifications it can have on subsequent events in the space-time continuum.


Vampires Are NOT Real

genre(s): vampire, metafiction

This tale will provide definitive proof that vampires are definitely not real. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Whatever you do, don't listen to them. In summary, vampires - not real. NOT!


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