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Other Creations


Contrary to popular belief, J.D. is no one-trick pony. He knows at least two tricks, and he's not a pony. Here are some of the other creative creations he's created, all while in human form.




This occasionally hilarious Twitter feed shows the crazed ramblings of the Google Voice Search (or Siri ) each time it mishears J.D. or those around him. An object lesson of why you should never let the Google get ahold of your voice - things go horribly wrong, very quickly.


Uniquely Nature

Inspired by the many nature videographers who place their work on Youtube, J.D. decided to join their ranks. If you enjoy the majestic outdoors, you'll love his videos and photos. Check out his Youtube channel and Instagram page for the goods. Here's a sample to whet your appetite!


T-shirts for rebels


Racy! Irreverent! Not for the faint of heart! Inspired by the character Greg Foster from the future international smash hit How to Be a Superhero ! These officially licensed T-shirts allow you to proclaim your uniqueness and independence, along with everybody else! Give in to peer pressure and buy one today! Exclamation marks!


Bumper stickers for nerds


Ever wanted to lower the resale value of your car with a bumper sticker but feel the current offerings available on the market don't speak to your values? Well, that probably won't change after you see these custom-designed stickers. Go ahead and plaster them across the back of your car anyway - that rust looks terrible. Buy one today! Buy all of them today!



Business cards for J.D. Gordons

One of the first things J.D. realized after emerging from the womb was that he needed a business card - one that reflects his personal style and identity as an author. He paid a visit to Vistaprint and built himself a fitting business card from scratch. Don't hesitate to print one out and use it for yourself!





Maniac on the floor

Believe it or not, J.D. loves to bust a move on the dance floor. One of his personal aspirations is to someday join a dance troupe and perform professionally. Check out his demo tape and see whether he's the real deal or overhyped! He's available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and bachelorette parties.

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