Everything you always wanted to know about J.D., but never cared quite enough to ask.

J.D. was born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida until his family moved to central Maryland, where a cloudy day is the best thing that might happen. While underachieving throughout high school, he was inspired to begin work on his first novel, "How to Be a Superhero", continuing until he left for college in urban Atlanta.


Although J.D. didn't write nearly enough during his college years, he dreamt up a number of ideas for other novels that he plans to bring to life in the future. It was also during this time that he resolved to spend his days writing stories that can entertain readers with tales of the impossible while impacting the way they look at the world.


J.D. (eventually) graduated with dual Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Psychology and returned to work in Maryland. He redoubled his writing efforts and completed a draft of his first novel, while also writing several short stories and dreaming up other crazy creative ideas.


J.D. currently resides in central Maryland, where he works as a university researcher and pursues his master's degree in Mathematics. When he's not writing, revising, or editing the work of others, he enjoys nature photography,  performing improv and standup comedy, dancing, doing community service,  teaching personal finance, and even reading a book every now and then.


Judging from his bookshelves, his favorite authors include Richard Adams, Herman Wouk, Sinclair Lewis, and Samuel Clemens.


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